Friday, May 23, 2008

#11 for May

Just when I thought I had seen EVERYTHING in my neighborhood, aka, da hood.... I was looking out the front door window yesterday and what did I see? 2 of the preteen girls walking their dogs, or should I say, strolling their puppys. They now make strollers for dogs/puppys!!! good grief!! I looked the strollers up on the net. Them things are expensive!!
Cheapest one is $74 bucks! My hood is not a upscale area, we are all working class people. Most of us have more than one job. Why would anyone give their child a custom stroller for a puppy. The puppys were cute as all get out. I hope those girls are very careful strolling their puppys. In da hood, rotties and pits are dogs of choice. The owners are very careless and sometimes let their dogs run wild. Police can only do so much with unleased dogs.
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Candace said...

I thought the idea was for you and fido to get exercise. I'll have to watch for that new wrinkle, so far, I have seen dog walkers in our neighborhood, but no dog taxi's.

Jo-Ann said...

LOL, just last week I witnessed someone walking their dog in one of those doggie strollers. It made me laugh - I also thought the point in walking a dog was for both the dog and owner to get some exercise. Oh, well.

susan said...

one thing i loved about kauai was the "leash law"...your dog running free would cost you $50 the first time and the second went way up and after three times i think you loose your dog. nothing i hate more than dingbat dog owners that let them loose every monring and night to crap in the neighbors yard. well, not my yard. i would go up to them and say, look, i dont s--t on your porch so keep your dog off mine. they get the message, plus i was a pretty good shot with a wrist rocket. that also ended the plague of mange ditch they were scarry.

Anonymous said...