Saturday, May 3, 2008

#2 for MAY

I had a great rare saturday off! first I went to one of two walmarts that still sell fabric in our area and bought some nice bright tone on tone fabric for baby quilts. I have used wally fabric in several quilts with no problems. I did buy some tone on tone blue once that after I washed it (always prewash wally fabric before you use it) and had delveloped some nasty streaks in it. no worries, I just flipped it over and use for a backing. worked out well!

Then I went to Joanns. I got some fabric I needed for my online 9 patch exchange, topstitching needles. I like using these needles better when I stitch in the ditch and cross hatch my baby quilts. I can use thicker thread and the machine quilting holds up much better than using the thread I usually use to piece with. The needles have a larger eye that will handle the thicker thread better. Then I treated myself to a new 28mm rotary cutter.

Fiskers new 28mm Rotary Cutter:
apprently this product is so new its not on their website yet.
I like this small cutter. I like the color of it, a pastel lime green with yellow and orange accents. Its very light wieght and even though its a straight handle instead of the signature grey curve with the open handle it does feel good handling it. I think it would make a good teaching tool for a young person.It doesnt have that hard orange click button the grey one has, instead it has a small yellow push button to release the blade cover. Alot easier on the wrist in my humble opinion. When I was test driving rotary cutters about 10 years ago, I had prefered the fiskars grayhandled ones. I didnt like having to 'hold' the handle in while I was cutting that the OLFA cutters made you do. Then Clover came out with their cutter, I really like that one! I have a 45mm that I use all the time. I wanted a small one for when I cut 2inch blocks and 1 1/2 inch strips. When I was in joanns I saw this 28mm and bought it. I think this will do me very well. It retails for 9.99 but of course I had a coupon! so it made it about 6 bucks. This cutter is very light wieght and would be idea for classes and retreats. It can cut 4 layers of fabric with ease. I will have to put one of my infamous bitty bat sticker on it so people will know its MINE!!! (grin)

I went to one of my favorite Quilt shoppes and discovered they were having a 20% off sale! I had to restrain myself BIGTIME. I bought only what I needed. I got some cute batik, sea blue with yellow starfish. exactly what I needed for julys nine patch exchange. I also found some civil war repros that would look great in my son's quilt. I found some great floral FQs to make purses with. I was a good dingbat today, but lordy the damage I could have done!

Last stop was Harris Teeter, my favorite place to get grab and go sushi! It is made fresh everyday on site with local sushi artist. I was in hog heaven. They are building a new Harris Teeter right the road from me! wooohooooo! til the next time,

Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz

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