Wednesday, May 7, 2008

#4 for May


I am getting old. And it SUCKS kahunas! Went to the eye doctor yesterday. Bad enough I had to wear trifocals BEFORE I turned I am getting my script change yet again in less than 2 years. Thats right people, I said it. I am wearing trifocals. Cant see coming or going or standing still!

I notice with the change of my position at work ( I went from a cashier on the floor to a bookkeeper in a very small pink walled room) that I was having a little bit of a hard time seeing in my new enviroment. Also earlier this year I had a accident in the lumber yard. A cart full of wood got away from me and I ended up on my fluffy batbutt. My head hit the floor but my ponytail cushioned the blow. I was making stupid mistakes. All visual. The change isnt drastic, but a necessary one. my reading lense didnt change, the distance and intermediate lenses did. I wear cheater glasses at home and see fine. But under the bright florecent lights at work, it becomes a problem. The Dr said my eye nerves are in great condition and the unusal glucoma pressure is in check.

I will be picking up my new glasses sometime next week. Last time I had a hard time adjusting because it was a big change, this time it shouldnt be as hard since the change will be lighter. Thank goodness I have some great eye insurance at work.

I got alot of the RED baby quilt cut last night. Man, this baby will be stimulated! I am throwing in alittle bit of bright colors as well. Yellow, orange, bright blue and neon green. IM also working on my log cabin block exchange as well as my nine patch. I have a nice collection of both. I may have start putting these blocks into a top! The picture you see is one of my imfamous lunchtime minis I work on at work during my lunch hour. This is a mini that I made last year. Each block is 1 1/2 inches. the border flowers are fuse and blanket stitched. I got the pattern out of a American Quilting and Patchwork mag from a couple of years ago. All done by hand, including the binding. And yes, I am nuts! just ask my alter personalities!
Keep On Stitch'n On!

(mauh) Liz


Pat said...

I know what you mean about glasses! I need a new 'crip soon on mine! but I'm just in bi-foculs so the red on the baby interesting tradition :)

Thanks for visting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Getting stronger glasses is only part of getting older lol, I am speaking of experience!!!!

Love the red quilt with the big beautiful flowers, going to be a great quilt for that lucky baby.

Love reading your blog, it is so cheery and fun. See ya in chat. KLL