Sunday, May 18, 2008

#8 for May

I am not a happy bat. Stupid guano happens in threes....have you notice that? First....the lady next door who is trying to sell her house,which I don't blame her since her hubby died in the house last fall, hired someone to weed whack the front of her house. I live in a townhouse row. The idiot who weed whacked crossed over the property line and whacked my rose bush and damaged the siding.I discovered it about a hour after he/she left. I knew they were out there, didn't pay no mind. My son gave me the rose bush for mothers day 10 years ago. It has struggled for years, but every mothers day it blooms a single rose. It did again this year as well, I meant to get a picture of it but didn't. I have no way of contacting the lady, we were neighbors for years and said our polite hellos and nothing more. I however have a plan. For those of yall who read my last blog before it got dumped and know about the saga of the front door. I will get a can of bright orange spray paint and mark the property line. then I will put up a short fence. Let the asswipe cross it.......

Second.....its been over 2 weeks since I ordered my new trifocal lenses and they are still not here. I need those lenses, my script has changed and I getting eye strained. I am tempted to call the insurance and tell them not to pay out for the lenses.

Third......I finally got help at work. After weeks of struggling by myself, the old bookkeeper is coming back. Shifts were to change.....5am to 2pm and 7am to 4pm. I was to do the 7am shift tomarrow and have next weekend off. but guess what???? the old bookkeeper had called out yet again......which means I am to do the 5am shift. which means I dont get to sleep in tomarrow and I will miss the baby shower tonight because its a 8pm and I will be in bed so I can get a good night sleep. and to top it all off.....the back up bookkeeper is going on vacation and I will have no help and lots of overtime for which I will get bitched out for having........

I am not a happy Bat......

Keep On Stitchin' On
(mauh) Liz

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