Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucky #13 for May


Yesterday was a great day! I worked my shift, got my car inspected (nothing like waiting til the last minute), FINALLY got my lenses (only took 3 friggin weeks for them to come in) and when I got home.......I had 2 packages waiting for me! woohooooooo! Its good to be me ~

First package came from my truck driving quilting buddy, Nancy. She does long distance hauling in a semi truck and has a teeny tiny quilting studio in the cab of her truck. Plus she has a tiny Pomeranian dog named Foxy. She sent me some cute ass Bat material. Lime green background. I love it! Between Nancy and a couple of other online quilting buddies, I have a small stash of Bat fabric. I plan on making a Lap quilt to carry around in the Plum aka pt cruiser.

Second package came from Connecting Threads

I had order a bunch of their Essential threads. Its on sale til June 20th and free shipping with $50 purchase. I really like this thread. Its 50 wt and great for piecing. I even use it to machine quilt with when I want a light thread. I got 3 collections, the neutral set, pastel set and the variegated set. I love machine quilting with the variegated, it looks very subtle on the quilt from a distance, but dang pretty up close. I will be set for thread for a long time. There are several really nice things about this thread, it is the same amount thread on the spool (1200 yards) as the big spools of coats and clark you get at Joanns. The spools are compact enough that you dont need a thread stand, it will fit right on the sewing machine spooler. The thread is Eygptian cotton which means alot less lint to jam up your machine. One of the best features is the cost, I got 25 spools of thread for LESS than $50. That less that $2 a spool! I need to fill out the $50 minimum order so I also got a charm pack of the Cosmos line. CUTE!
Keep On Stitch'n On!
(mauh) Liz


Candace said...

I'm glad you had such a good day. I haven't tried the thread yet, but I have gotten fabric and batts from Connecting Threads and have been very satisfied. You are tempting me though.

Sue said...

Thanks for the info about the thread, I've been needing some & it's hard to know what to get when there are so many choices. Can't wait for my package to arrive!